4th Quarter
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About the IEEE Systems Council Newsletter:

Engineers and scientists today start their careers with excellent technical skills and knowledge within their fields of expertise. The Systems Council Newsletter includes time-sensitive news useful to the IEEE Systems Council's participants.
President's Message
image of Vincenzo PiuriI’ve said this before: life is transitory, and within it lies a sequence of transitions. With the end of 2022 approaching, it is appropriate to assign to this period the phrase “in transition.”

If I were to be forthright, I would need to declare myself substantially enriched during this past year as President of the IEEE Systems Council. But mainly, I have been overwhelmed over this past year at the level of commitment and service provided to our Systems Council by its officers: Vincenzo Piuri, Past President; Andy Chen, VP Conferences, Paolo Carbone, VP Publications; Stephanie White, VP Member Services; Steve Holt, VP Technical Operations; Jeff Rubin, VP Finance; Bob Rassa, Treasurer; and Kim Fowler, Secretary. The treasurer and the secretary are appointed annually by the president, and the past president serves by virtue of having been the previous president. All the other officers are elected by the Systems Council administrative committee (AdCom); and, in the current situation, all the elected officers will continue their service into 2023, either by continuation of their two-year terms or by re-election to a second term in office. Again, I wish to thank all the officers for their engagement with, and contributions to, our Systems Council, its mission, and its variety of activities.

The close of 2022 marks a transition for me, as I move to the position of Past President, and as Walt Downing moves into the presidency.

Many of you know Walt, who has been very active within IEEE, others of you might enjoy a few tidbits on Walt to help become acquainted.

A native of San Antonio, Walt is Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Southwest Research Institute, located in San Antonio, Texas, USA. A registered professional engineer in Texas and Florida, he holds the BSEE from Southern Methodist University and the MBA from the University of Texas at San Antonio. He is a member of the Eta Kappa Nu honor society.

A Life Senior Member of IEEE, Walt has provided significant voluntary service to the IEEE. He serves on the IEEE Society and Council Review Committee (SCRC), is the Vice Chair of the Lone Star Section in IEEE’s Region 5, is the Government Relations Chair for Region 5, and is an IEEE STEM Champion. Walt also supports IEEE’s educational activities through his service as an ABET Engineering Accreditation Commission program evaluator.

Walt’s engagement in the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society (AESS, one of the Systems Council’s member societies), and, in particular, his experience as president of AESS, and now as past president of AESS, makes him particularly prepared for his new role as president of the IEEE Systems Council. Welcome, Walt!

If you are reading this, you are likely one of the more than 18,000 who have signed on as participants of the IEEE Systems Council. (And if you aren’t, perhaps you should consider signing on!) At any rate, this is my pitch for now: that you consider putting yourself “in transition” with regard to the Systems Council. As I’ve written before, feel free to get to know your Council better, to take advantage of the opportunities made available to its participants, and to share something of yourselves so that we, as a family, can both enjoy one another and strive further to become even more effective.

Please peruse this Newsletter. Please visit our Council’s website at www.ieeesystemscouncil.org. And, as always, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] with any questions, comments, suggestions, or wild ideas.

All the best,

Stephen A. “Jack” Dyer
President, IEEE Systems Council
IEEE Systems Council News
Congratulations to the 2023-2024 Systems Council Officers including newly-elected President, Walt Downing.

2023-2024 Officers
President - Walt Downing (2023-2024)
Past President – Stephen “Jack” Dyer (2023)
VP Conferences – Andy Chen (elected for a 2nd term for 2023-2024)
VP Finance – Jeff Rubin (2022-2023)
VP Member Services – Stephanie White (elected for a 2nd term for 2023-2024)
VP Publications – Paolo Carbone (2022-2023)
VP Technical Operations – Steve Holt (2022-2023)
Congratulations to our recently elevated IEEE Fellow, Amir Aghdam, for research leadership in distributed control of large-scale interconnected systems.

Amir is currently a professor with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Concordia University located in Montreal, Canada and the Academic Code Administrator in the School of Graduate Studies. He is a member of Professional Engineers Ontario, Chair of the Conference Editorial Board of the IEEE Control Systems Society, Editor-in-Chief of the Systems Journal, and was an Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, IEEE Access, IET Control Theory and Applications, and the Canadian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He was a member of the Technical Program Committee of a number of conferences, including the IEEE Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics and the IEEE Multiconference on Systems and Control. He was a member of the Review Panel/Committee for the NSF, Italian Research and University Evaluation Agency, Innovation Fund Denmark Projects, and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada ECE Evaluation Group. He was the 2014–2015 President of IEEE Canada and Director (Region 7), IEEE, Inc., and was also a member of the IEEE Awards Board for this period. He is a recipient of the 2009 IEEE MGA Achievement Award and 2020 IEEE Canada J. M. Ham Outstanding Engineering Educator Award. Dr. Aghdam was a member of the IEEE Medal of Honor Committee for 2017–2019 and is currently the Vice-Chair of the IEEE Medals Council.
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Industry and Academia: An Idea Worth Investing In
IEEE Canada and IEEE Systems Council held a 90-minute panel at CCECE 2022 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on 18-20 September 2022. During this panel, the topic discussed was some of the less-discussed aspects of EDI. These topics were addressed by experts in the industry and academia. The panelists included Karen Rudie, Dejan S. Milojicic, Ramalatha Marimuthu, Andrew Alleyne, Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, and Tanja Tajmel.
IEEE Life Members
SC NL Q3 2022 life members.png

Call for Participation

IEEE Life Membership is an official recognition of a strong and sustained commitment to IEEE. Life members get together with their peers, participate in educational excursions, work together to mentor students, and improve their communities. There are several ways to get involved:

Check out the website for more information: https://life.ieee.org/.

Special Effort to Elevate Systems Council Participants to IEEE Senior Member Grade
Are you eligible for elevation to the IEEE Senior member grade? IEEE Senior member grade reflects an individual’s professional experience record and is subject to an application, endorsement, and review process. A Senior member must have a total of 10 years of professional experience and have demonstrated 5 years of significant performance.

Candidates for elevation to the Senior member grade must submit an online application and receive endorsements from other Senior or Fellow grade members. These applications are reviewed by an IEEE Admissions and Advancement Senior Member Review Panel, which determines the eligibility of the candidates for elevation to Senior member grade.

Many IEEE members that might qualify for elevation to Senior member grade do not apply because they do not know other Senior or Fellow grade members, they can ask to endorse their application. To eliminate this obstacle for qualified candidates, the IEEE Systems Council Life Member Committee has undertaken a special effort to assist eligible participants with nominations, applications, and endorsements for elevation to Senior member grade.

The committee sorted the roster of participants by IEEE grade and membership record. Life members received a personalized email message explaining the effort to elevate eligible candidates to Senior member grade and aiding those that requested help. A second email campaign was directed at participants that had 15 or more years of IEEE membership. The response has been positive, and 15 participants were elevated to Senior member grade in September 2022. Let us know if you think you are eligible for the Senior member grade and are interested in applying.

Walt Downing, IEEE Life Senior Member
Women in Systems Engineering (WISE) Webinar Series
The IEEE Systems Council Women in Systems Engineering (WiSE) 2022 webinar series consisted of three excellent presentations. Thank you to the speakers and participants who were a part of the series' success. If you missed out on a chance to participate, feel free to access the free webinar recordings below:
Looking ahead to 2023, there are some ideas that we are taking into consideration, which include:
  • Graduate Student Speaking Opportunity
  • In-Person Meeting at a Conference
  • Partner Event with the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee – Community College Outreach
  • Partner Event with INCOSE Empowering Women Leaders in Systems Engineering (EWLSE)
  • Partner Event with HSI Committee - Discussion on the Future of Systems Engineering
  • Business Meeting – Supporting IEEE Senior Members, Strategies for IEEE Fellows, Pursue DEI Award, Voting Membership in SYSCON, etc.
  • Board Meeting – Governance and Future Direction for WiSE

If you have any questions, would like to help participate in future events, or have suggestions for future events, please reach out to Holly Handley at [email protected]. We look forward to having you at our upcoming events.

WiSE Community Membership Call
Systems Council Women in Systems Engineering (WiSE) is a community focused on promoting women in engineering. We are seeking to identify members who are interested in participating in our activities. More information about our group can be found on our website. If you would like to be added to our information list, please sign up here or contact Holly Handley, WiSE Chair.
Technical Operations
Call for Participation
Our Technical Communities are growing! If you would like to join one of them, please sign up here.

If you are interested in more information about the Technical Committees and the scope and activities of each Technical Community, please visit the website.

A full list of Technical Committees and their respective Chairs can be found here.
Chapter News
Please Welcome VISAT Student Branch Chapter!
Systems Council gained a new Student Branch Chapter. Please welcome IEEE VISAT College of Engineering Student Branch Chapter from Region 10. Systems Council is located worldwide and provides the opportunity for those in the field of systems engineering to collaborate and network at the local level.

If you are interested in more about our Chapters or are interested in a new please visit: https://ieeesystemscouncil.org/chapters.

Bangalore Section Systems Council Chapter

International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning 2022
Dr. Ramakrishnan Raman, Chair – IEEE Bangalore Section Systems Council Chapter, presenting during the symposium

The IEEE Bangalore Section Systems Council Chapter, in collaboration with INCOSE India Chapter and The Aeronautical Society of India, organized the International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning, virtually, on 21-22 September 2022. The theme of the symposium was “AI for All” (#AI4ALL). The two-day event featured nine speakers covering various aspects pertaining to Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning as applied to complex systems, and also featured a hand on workshop. Dr. Ramakrishnan Raman, Chair –Bangalore Section Systems Council Chapter, was one of the speakers for the symposium, and presented on “Machine Learning Models for System Behavior and Performance Predictions.”

SC NL Q4 2022 International Symposium.jpg


UK & Ireland Systems Council Chapter

Special Interest Group in Environmental Technology & Climate Change (ETSIG) Organized and Held Two Successful Webinars

In the first webinar, Dr. Daneshvar, a senior consultant in energy and geoscience, discussed "What Ukraine War Means for Fossil Fuel Supply in Europe." In this timely topic, he explained the current challenges that Europe need to address in achieving its climate change goals as well as energy security in face of the war in Ukraine. Dr. Daneshvar reflected on how securing COP26 despite all of its challenges and delivering less than expected, provided a platform for the participating countries to agree on a significant reduction of fossil fuels and a way forward towards a net-zero carbon economy. He also elaborated on the Russian invasion of Ukraine has added many new layers of complexity to the already impossible complex environmental problems we face, which will certainly impact the future of our energy streams, especially in Europe.

In the ETSIG webinar in October 2022, Dr. Farid Safari, a visiting research fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, talked about the global energy transition for climate change mitigation, and the role of hydrogen as an alternative carbon-free fuel in this transition. In the latest report (AR6) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), alternative carbon-free fuels are regarded as effective role players in the global energy transition. The growing interest in global hydrogen investment in the last five years has made this energy carrier an essential element of energy transition and climate change mitigation. In this webinar, Dr. Safari demonstrated the role of hydrogen in future energy portfolio with respect to global climate goals and mitigation strategies.


2022 ISSE Chapters Chair Summit

A meeting of Systems Council chapter chairs was held virtually and in-person during ISSE 2022 in Vienna on 26 October 2022. The meeting started with a community session to discuss with conference attendees their expectations from the Sensors Council in meeting their technical and networking needs in their geographic location. In the second part of the meeting, participating Chapter Chairs shared their best practices and accomplishments over the last year, and collectively planned further activities for 2023.

Resources for Chapters

The Council provides technical and financial support to its Chapters for organizing events during the calendar year. To request funding or a Distinguished Lecturer or to learn more about the resources available to your Chapter, please visit our website. Additional volunteer resources can be found here.

If you are interested in learning more about our Chapters, starting a new Systems Council Chapter, or hosting a Chapter event, please contact the Chapter Chair, Fabrice Labeau at [email protected].
Conference News
SYSCON 2023: Save the Date
Save the Date! The 2023 IEEE International Systems Conference will be held in Vancouver, Canada, from 17-20 April 2023. SYSCON caters to both practitioners and academics, providing a forum to exchange ideas and experiences on technology, methodology, applications, study cases, and practical experiences.
ISSE 2022: Updates
ISSE 2022 was held on 24-26 October 2022 dates in Vienna, Austria. We would like to thank everyone for participating in this Systems Council sponsored conference.

Unfortunately, ISSE will not be held in 2023. Keep an eye on the Systems Council website for 2024 announcements.

RASSE 2022: Updates
The 2022 RASSE was held on 7-10 November dates in Tainan, Taiwan. Special thank you to everyone who participated in this Systems Council-sponsored event.

RASSE 2023 locations and dates will be announced very soon!
Publications News
The IEEE Systems Journal (ISJ) is the technical journal of the IEEE Systems Council. This publication provides a systems-level, focused forum for application-oriented manuscripts that address complex systems and system of systems of national and global significance.
Call for Papers
Submit a paper to the IEEE Systems Journal (ISJ). The journal is intended to stimulate awareness, appreciation and utilization of systems thinking and the supporting systems-engineering disciplines, especially for complex systems, systems of systems, complex cyber-physical systems, and complex smart systems, across many domains and application areas.

The ISJ released Special-Issues Calls for Papers. Download the CFPs for submission topics, deadlines, and guest editors.
Special Issue on "Artificial Intelligence for Next Generation Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems"

Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems (ICPS) is the technological core of the new generation of the industrial revolution. It can effectively collect, analyze and use data and information from heterogeneous physical equipment so that it can continuously and effectively manage, supervise and control the physical infrastructure of the real world. Although some attempts have been done to explore AI for next-generation ICPS, there exist various scientific and engineering challenges, including software and hardware development, computational complexity, data multi-source heterogeneity, and privacy protection.

Paper submissions are due on 30 December 2022.
The IEEE Journal on Miniaturization for Air and Space Systems (J-MASS) is a technical journal devoted to covering the rapidly evolving field of small air and space systems such as drones and small satellites.
For more information, please visit our website or contact Hanwen Yu at [email protected].

The IEEE Open Journal of System Engineering (OJSE) is an open-access technical journal devoted to the multidisciplinary aspects of systems engineering. Systems engineering involves elements of model-based systems engineering; digital thread; requirements generation, flow down, tracking, needs analysis, and validation/verification; integration and test; and full life cycle support of the target system. OJSE deals primarily with the science, methodology, and tools of systems engineering.


Special Issue on "Resilience in Systems Engineering"

This special issue initiates the formation of a well-established body of knowledge on resilience in systems engineering and aid in the pathfinding for innovative and long-term research.

Paper submissions are due on 15 December 2022.


Special Issue on "Front-end Need Analysis"

This special issue seeks papers that contribute to establishing references that formalize the activities, concepts, and techniques around front-end need analysis, sharing good examples of their use, addressing the gaps in need analysis approaches, and providing a vision for their evolution in the context of model-based and digital environments.

Paper submissions are due on 15 January 2022.

Member Society News
IEEE Consumer Technology Society
IEEE Consumer Technology Society (CTSoc) has established an Industry and Standards Activities Committee (ISA Committee) that is chaired by the VP of IAS, who serves at the pleasure of The CTSoc president. The current VP of ISA is Stuart Lipoff ([email protected]), and he welcomes input from CTSoc members and also from non-members among consumer-technology industry stakeholders.

Learn more about CTSoc conferences, awards, Chapters, publications and more here.
IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society (SMC)
eNewsletter of the IEEE SMC Society - Issue 74, October 2022

This eNewsletter aims to serve SMC members by providing a useful platform for information exchange. News is published on an ongoing basis and can be accessed free of charge here on the Society's website.
Spain Sensors Council Student Branch Chapter
The 2022 IEEE Sensors Council’s Autumn School is going to be held as a hybrid event on 22-23 November 2022 at the Public University of Navarra in Pamplona. The 2022 IEEE Sensors Council Autumn School aims to provide scholars an overview of sensing technologies and their applications in different fields. The lectures will focus on the applications of different sensors. The lectures will also aim at describing the underlying mechanisms that enable the technologies proper operations.

Activities for the event include:
  • Distinguished Lecturer
  • IEEE Fellow Lecturer
  • IEEE Senior Members
  • IEEE Members
  • Eminent Speakers
  • Industry
Cass-Wide Webinar Program
The IEEE CAS Society is offering a CASS-Wide Webinar Program on 28 February 2023. The IEEE CAS Society strives to serve its members' different needs and interests. The new CASS-Wide Webinar Program delivers high-quality talks on the field of interest of the circuit and systems community.

As part of the CAS Society’s plan for image enhancement through continuous education, the aim of the CASS-Wide Webinar Program is to:
  • Feature prominent CASS researchers of multidisciplinary nature
  • Connect students and early career professionals with prominent CASS researchers and authors
  • Promote and preserve CAS knowledge, and enrich the current educational portfolio of the Society
  • Enhance the visibility of the IEEE CAS Society
The webinar series will feature one lecturer a month. Registration is free for all webinars. If you cannot attend the "live" virtual events, the presentations will be available at the IEEE CASS Resource Center after the event.

Visit the CASS-Wide Webinar Program page to register for our upcoming webinar!
Member Society Conferences of Interest
ISCAS 2023: Save the Date
Save the Date! The 2023 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems will be held in Monterey, CA, USA from 21-25 May 2023. ISCAS 2023 will be driven by the theme "Technology Disruption and Society" aiming to emphasize the potential of the CAS Society to find innovative solutions to challenges facing society today.

Important Dates:
  • Transactions Paper Submission Deadline - 5 December 2022
  • Author Notification - 19 December 2022
  • Final Manuscript Submission Deadline - 4 February 2023
2022-2023 CASS Student Design Competition Held at ISCAS
The IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (CASS) invites you to participate in the 7th CASS Student Design Competition. The CASS Student Design Competition is a worldwide competition where undergraduate students will suggest and execute projects on electrical engineering and related areas. The focus should be on finding a solution to a real-life problem based on circuits and systems.

The competition will take place in three phases, the first at the chapter level, the second at the regional level, and a final at the world level. The final will take place during ISCAS 2023 in Monterey, California, USA.

Competition details and official rules can be found on the CASS Student Design Competition webpage.
2023 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC)
1-4 October 2023 | Maui, Hawaii

The 2023 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC 2023) is the flagship conference of the IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society. It provides an international forum for researchers, educators, and practitioners to learn, share knowledge, report most recent innovations and developments, and exchange ideas and advances in all aspects of systems science and engineering, human-machine systems, and cybernetics. The theme of the SMC 2023 conference is “Improving the Quality of Life.”

2022 TRON Symposium (TRONSHOW 2022)
7-9 December 2022 | Minato City, Tokyo, Japan

2023 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE 2023)
6-8 January 2023 | Las Vegas, NV, USA | Register

2023 Conference on Systems Engineering Research (CSER)
16-17 March 2023 | Hoboken, NJ, USA | Register

2023 IEEE International Systems Conference (SYSCON)
17-20 April 2023 | Vancouver, Canada | Call for Papers

2023 26th International Conference on Information Fusion
27-30 June 2023 | Charleston, South Carolina, USA | Call for Papers

28-31 August 2023 | National Harbor, Maryland, USA | Register

2023 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC)
1-4 October 2023 | Maui, Hawaii, USA | Register

2023 IEEE International Radar Conference
6-10 November 2023 | Sydney, Australia | Call for Papers

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