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IEEE CIS Newsletter, Issue 116, September 2022 
IEEE Standards Association Call for Participation 


The IEEE CIS Standards Committee has two active standards, that can be purchased from the IEEE SA Standards Store.

The IEEE CIS Standards Committee has currently four approved working groups developing future standards:

  • P1849 – Working Group for eXtensible Event Stream (XES) for Achieving Interoperability in Event Logs and Event Streams

  • P1855 - Fuzzy Markup Language Working Group (CIS/SC/FML-WG)

  • P2976 - Standard for XAI - eXplainable AI Working Group (CIS/SC/XAI WG)

  • P2983 - Working Group for Video Games Vocabulary (CIS/SC/VGV WG)

These activities are possible only because of the effort of scientists and practitioners who volunteer their time and work to the development of theses standards.

We need more volunteers! If you have the knowledge and the experience in any of these fields, please, get in touch with us and volunteer your time. Please, email to the applicable work group chair and to me ([email protected]).

As stated in in the welcome from the Vice President for Industrial and Governmental Activites, "To be relevant, we need to develop a CIS Standards Committee strategy to leverage our technical expertise while being demand-driven. We will work with IEEE Standards Association (SA) to drive Standards for AI technology, such as the Consortium on the Landscape of AI Safety (CLAIS), and contribute to IEEE SA Artificial Intelligence Systems (AIS) and IEEE SA P7000 family, focused on AI and Ethics." We need more volunteers to achieve this. If you think that you can contribute, please, send an email to [email protected] AND to [email protected].

Thank you,

Bruno Di Stefano, IEEE CIS Standards Committee


Call for IEEE CIS Organizing Distinguished Lectures 


The IEEE CIS Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) aims at serving the Computational Intelligence community by providing stimulating lectures given by distinguished IEEE CIS professionals and scholars. It also aims at helping young researchers (masters and doctoral students) providing suggestions/guidance on their research problems as well as promoting computational intelligence tools and techniques among undergraduate students to make them interested in CIS fields of interest.

Distinguished Lecturers present novel basic and/or applied research results in their CIS sub-field. Their lectures offer insights into the trends and challenges of their CIS sub-field and their vision for the given sub-field. In any given year, selected IEEE CIS Distinguished Lecturers (DLs) have a balanced representation of CIS sub-fields and include representatives from academia, industry and government while spanning different IEEE Regions. The program supports local CIS Chapters by enabling a major Chapter event which can considerably improve a Chapter’s visibility to their existing IEEE CIS members, other IEEE Society members and the wider CIS community in their area. It is expected that DLP events actively seek to recruit new CIS professionals to both the CIS field and to IEEE CIS.

It should be noted that this program is NOT intended as a means to finance speakers for conferences/workshops or symposia.

For more information please visit the organizing distinguished lecturers webpage.


Call for Associate Editors for the IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation


Please note that new positions will become available for joining the Editorial Board of the IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation (TEVC). Candidates interested in applying must submit via email, in a single PDF file, to the Editor-in-Chief of TEVC Prof. Carlos A. Coello Coello at [email protected].

Deadline for applying: 15 October 2022

Notifications: 15 December 2022

Please note that all applications will be carefully reviewed considering several elements, including: prior editorial experience, topics of expertise, and publications record. Note however that all candidates who get pre-selected are subject to the approval of the Vice President for Publications and of the President of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society. Female candidates and people with affiliations in industry and/or government are strongly encouraged to apply.  For more information please visit the call for IEEE TEVC Associate Editors webpage

Member Activities

IEEE CIS Chapters

Are you a Chapter Chair? Want to form one? Contact Gui DeSouza ([email protected]) for information on:

• How to join the Slack channel for more information about Chapters;

• How to apply for grants to support your Chapter events; and the benefits of forming your own local Chapter


Live Webinar

Tiny Machine Learning: Deeper and Wider Machine Learning at the Edge

Date: Wednesday, 14 September 2022
Time: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM EDT


The “computing everywhere” paradigm (comprising Internet-of-Things and Edge Computing) will pave the way for a pervasive diffusion of Tiny Machine Learning (TinyML) in everyday life. To fully address this challenge TinyML solutions must become deeper, hence encompassing the deep-learning paradigms being the state-of-the-art in many recognition and classification applications, and wider, hence being able to operate in a collaborative and federated way within an ecosystem of heterogenous technological objects. This talk explores the solutions and methodologies to make TinyML deeper and wider by also considering the role of an effective and efficient processing of encrypted-data through deep-learning-as-a-service in an heterogeneous-hardware ecosystem.


Featured Speaker

Manuel Roveri

Manuel Roveri received the Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and the MS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago (USA). He has been Visiting Researcher at Imperial College London (UK). Currently, he is an Associate Professor at the Department of Electronics and Information of the Politecnico di Milano (Italy).

Educational Activities

2022 IEEE CIS Student Hackathon on Computational Intelligence in Biomedicine and Healthcare


We welcome participants to present computational intelligence solutions for core issues in smart medicine, smart healthcare, and smart hospital including but not limited to personalized, predictive, preventive, and participatory medicine and healthcare solutions.

In the preliminary contest, the judge committee will select 10 teams based on the uploaded proposals.

In the final contest, the selected teams need to physically or virtually attend the 2022 IEEE Symposium Series On Computational Intelligence (SSCI) for real-time demonstration and presentation of their systems.

Prize per team:

1st Place Award: US$1500 + Certificate
2nd Place Award: US$1000 + Certificate
3rd Place Award: US$600 + Certificate
Honorable Mention: Certificate


Submission Due: 30 September 2022
Preliminary Contest: 15 October 2022
Final Contest: 4-5 December 2022
Award Ceremony: 6 December 2022
Journal Special Issues
Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, dates and details of CIS sponsored conferences should be monitored closely.

The situation is changing very quickly. Please consult the conference web pages frequently to obtain the latest information.

You can find the most recent announcements and updates from all of our Society’s conferences and events at IEEE CIS COVID-19 Notice page as our organizers make decisions.

Conference Calendar

By Marley Vellasco, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Leandro Minku, University of Birmingham, UK
* Denotes a CIS-Sponsored Conference
∆ Denotes a CIS Technical Co-Sponsored Conference

* 2022 IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning (IEEE ICDL 2022)
12-15 September 2022
Place: London, United Kingdom
General Chairs: Lorenzo Jamone and Yukie Nagai
∆ 2022 5th International Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems (ICoIAS 2022)
23-25 September 2022
Place: Dalian, China
General Chair and Co-Chairs: Meng Joo Er, Nelishia Pillay, Yanhui Wang, Xudong Zhao
∆ 7th South-East Europe Design Automation, Computer Engineering, Computer Networks and Social Media Conference (SEEDA-CECNSM 2022)
23-25 September 2022
Place: Preveza, Greece
General Chairs: Alexandros T. Tzallas, University of Ioannina; Markos G. Tsipouras, University of Western Macedonia; Michael F. Dossis, University of Western Macedonia.
∆ 2022 First International Conference on Cyber-energy Systems and Intelligent Energy (ICCSIE 2022)
12-13 October 2022
Place: Beijing, China
General Chairs: Huaguang Zhang and Derong Liu
Website: TBA
∆ The 2nd International Conference on AI-ML Systems (AIML 2022)
12-15 October 2022
Place: Bangalore, India
General Chairs: Ralf Herbrich, Dan Roth and Rajeev Rastogi
* 2022 IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (IEEE DSAA 2022)
13-16 October 2022
Place: Shenzhen, China
General Chairs: Joshua Huang, Gary Yen and Karoli Skala
∆ International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Computational Intelligence (ICISCI 2022)
15-17 October 2022
Place: Changsha, China
General Chairs: Tingwen Huang and Chunhua Yang
∆ 4th International Conference on Process Mining (ICPM 2022)
23-28 October 2022
Place: Bolzano, Italy
General Chair: Marco Montali
∆ 2022 Asian Conference on Artificial Intelligence Technology (ACAIT 2022)
28-30 October 2022
Place: Changzhou, China
General Co-Chairs: Qionghai Dai, Cesare Alippi and Jong-Hwan Kim
∆ The 2022 International Conference on Behavioural and Social Computing (BESC 2022)
29-31 October 2022
Place: Matsuyama, Japan
General Chair: Prof. Shiro Uesugi
∆ The 17th International Workshop on Semantic and Social Media Adaptation and Personalization (SMAP 2022)
3-4 November 2022
Place: Virtual
General Co-Chairs: Phivos Mylonas and Katia-Lida Kermanidou
* IEEE Latin-America Conference on Computational Intelligence (IEEE LA-CCI 2022)
23-25 November 2022
Place: Montevideo, Urugay
General Chair: Martin Pedemonte and Hector Cancela
* 2022 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (IEEE SSCI 2022)
4-7 December 2022
Place: Singapore
General Chairs: Ah-Hwee Tan, Dipti Srinivasan and Chunyan Miao
* 2022 IEEE Smart World Conference (IEEE SWC 2022)
16-18 December 2022
Place: Haikou, China
General Chair: Laurence T. Yang
∆ 10th International Conference on Signal Processing and Integrated Networks (SPIN 2023)
23-24 March 2023
Delhi, India
General Chair: Manoj Kumar Pandey
* 2023 IEEE Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IEEE CAI 2023)
7-8 June 2023
Place: Santa Clara Valley, USA
General Chairs: Gary Fogel and Piero Bonissone
* IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Virtual Environments for Measurement Systems and Applications (IEEE CIVEMSA 2023)
12-14 June 2023
Place: Tunis, Tunisia
General Chair: Adel M. Alimi
∆ 2023 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN 2023)
18-23 June 2023
Place: Gold Coast, Australia
General Chairs: Brijesh Verma and Nik Kasabov
* 2023 IEEE Swiss Conference on Data Science (IEEE SDS 2023)
22-23 June 2023
Place: Zurich, Switzerland
General Chair: Melanie Geiger
Website: TBA
* 2023 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (IEEE CEC 2023)
2-5 July 2023
Place: Chicago, USA
General Chair: Gui DeSouza
* 2023 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (FUZZ-IEEE 2023)
13-17 August 2023
Place: Incheon, Korea
General Co-Chairs: Frank Chung-Hoon Rhee and Byung-Jae Choi
* 2023 IEEE Conference on Games (IEEE CoG 2023)
21-24 August 2023
Place: Boston, USA
General Chairs: Casper Harteveld and Jialin Liu
Website: TBA
* 2023 IEEE Smart World Congress (IEEE SWC 2023)
25-28 August 2023
Place: Portsmouth, UK
General Chairs: Hui Yu and Man Lin
Website: TBA
* IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (IEEE CIBCB 2023)
29-31 August 2023
Place: Eindhoven, Netherlands
General Chair: Marco S. Nobile
Website: TBA
* 2022 IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (IEEE DSAA 2023)
2-6 October 2023
Place: Thessaloniki, Greece
General Chair: Yannis Manolopoulos
Website: TBA
* 2023 IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning (ICDL-EpiRob 2023)
9-11 November 2023
Place: Macau, China
General Chair: Zhijun Li
Website: TBA
* 2023 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (IEEE SSCI 2023)
6-8 December 2023
Place: Mexico City, Mexico
General Chair: Wen Yu
Website: TBA
* 2024 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (IEEE WCCI 2024)
30 June - 5 July 2024
Place: Yokohama, Japan
General Chairs: Akira Hirose and Hisao Ishibuchi

Editor Bing Xue
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Email: [email protected]

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