February 2022
Sustainably Speaking - Thoughts from the IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee (HAC) Chair

Dear IEEE Colleagues,

It’s been an exciting month for HAC as we have spearheaded many collaboration discussions, engaged with Regional directors to discuss Region-specific programs in partnership with HAC, determined subcommittee members, participated in the IEEE Board of Directors February meeting series, and finalized the details for the first funding opportunity of 2022.
HAC/SIGHT Projects are offering their first Call for Proposals of the year, which focuses on soliciting applications that leverage technology to address local community needs. The call is open from 1 March to 4 April 2022; more information can be found in this newsletter and on the HAC website. For the last two years, HAC/SIGHT Projects has implemented a multi-stage evaluation, review, and monitoring process that establishes a foundation for support throughout a funded project’s lifecycle. The process includes two steps of evaluation by HAC/SIGHT Projects volunteers, review by the IEEE Office of Risk & Insurance Management Services (ORIMS), and review by IEEE Legal as needed. Funded projects receive project monitoring support to account for any emerging risk and ensure that volunteers are empowered to successfully complete their projects. With HAC/SIGHT funding limited to US$5,000, we can support more projects and volunteers throughout the world. This approach has allowed HAC/SIGHT to minimize risk while scaling up social impact. See the section later in this newsletter for the specific steps of the process.

Another focus for HAC in February was preparing and delivering the general session “Increasing Value Delivered to Members and OUs through IEEE HAC/SIGHT” at the IEEE Board of Directors meeting series. Thank you to the Board for the opportunity! The session was attended by 46 people. It was heartening to hear the great feedback after the session, demonstrating that key leaders within IEEE encourage the efforts of HAC’s programs.

Finally, I’m grateful to the IEEE Institute editorial team for publishing an article on HAC’s work in 2021 -“IEEE Humanitarian Program Sees Record Growth.” The article provides visibility on the impactful work of 2021 despite the continuing challenges of the pandemic. In 2022, HAC leadership is working to develop a roadmap for the year. I’m thrilled to work alongside an experienced and passionate set of volunteers to deliver programs that will have a larger impact and even more value for IEEE members this year - so stay tuned!

Stay safe and healthy,
Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan
2021 - 2022 IEEE HAC Chair
Thoughts from the IEEE Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT) Chair

Dear Esteemed SIGHT Members,

We have now come to the end of the first two months of 2022; I salute you all for the great achievements made so far this year! As for the community challenges we all face, let us be more brave and innovative and marshal the energies to provide more technological solutions to meet real needs. It is my belief that once we are armed with this resolve, we shall succeed in revitalizing our communities and the entire world.


This month, I’d like to officially welcome my fellow members of the 2022 SIGHT Steering Committee (see below). I’m honored to be joined by these women and men who are dedicated to serving in leadership roles for SIGHT this year.

I’d also like to remind readers that the third annual IEEE SIGHT Day will be held in two months on 28 April. SIGHT Day is held to foster a spirit of community for the global SIGHT network, increase awareness of IEEE SIGHT within IEEE, promote the opportunity to support SIGHT financially, and celebrate the impact SIGHT volunteers and Groups are making. Activities will be planned from 25 April – 29 April, so there will be multiple opportunities to take part. Be sure to watch for more details on the SIGHT Facebook group, and in the following month’s newsletter.

I’ll close my note with encouragement to come together to jointly execute the necessary activities for the greater impact of IEEE HAC/SIGHT in our respective communities. With this message of hope and goodwill, I wish you great success and good luck in your endeavors.

Yours sincerely,
Lwanga Herbert
2021 - 2022 IEEE SIGHT Chair


Introducing the 2022 SIGHT Steering Committee!

  • Lwanga Herbert, Chair
  • Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan, Immediate Past Chair
  • Anis Ben Arfi
  • Constance Kelly
  • Mohamed Essaaidi
  • Timothy Gitau
  • Vydeki Vijayakumar

Visit the SIGHT website to read a short biography of each Committee member.


Open Tomorrow - IEEE HAC/SIGHT Call for Proposals!

Call for IEEE Member Proposals

HAC/SIGHT are offering a Call for Proposals to support IEEE member grassroots projects that utilize technology to address pressing needs of the members’ local communities. The Call for Proposals provides a powerful opportunity for IEEE members to utilize their technical expertise in their local communities to help IEEE achieve its mission of advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Applications may be submitted from 1 March – 4 April and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. All active IEEE members may apply; the primary applicant for any proposal should have an IEEE member grade or higher. Please visit the HAC website for more details.

For members who may not have time or the team to implement a project directly, they can get involved by applying to become a proposal reviewer! Those interested in participating should complete this questionnaire to apply.


Nominate the Next IEEE HAC Leader

The IEEE Nominations and Appointments (N&A) Committee is now accepting nominations through 15 March 2022 for Assembly and Committee positions and the President-Elect position, including that of the 2023 IEEE HAC Chair. Anyone may submit a nomination. Self-nominations are encouraged. Nominators do not need to be IEEE members, but nominees must meet certain qualifications. For information about the positions, including qualifications and estimates of the time required by each position during the term of office, check the Guidelines for Nominating Candidates. To nominate a person for a position, complete this form.


IEEE Education Week

IEEE Education Week

IEEE Education Week from 4 - 8 April is a weeklong celebration of educational opportunities provided by the world’s largest technical professional association and its organizational units, societies and councils.

IEEE offers pre-university STEM, university, and continuing professional education resources for engineers and technical professionals all over the globe! From local and regional activities, to webinars and online courses, to scholarships and events, and so much more, there are numerous educational resources available. We invite you to discover the many educational opportunities and resources available.


IEEE Pre-University STEM Grants

Do you have an idea for a STEM program directed to pre-university students, educators or parents that you want to implement or an innovative idea to expand an existing STEM program and lack the funds to make it happen? Consider applying for an IEEE Pre-University STEM Grant where applications are being accepted through 4 March and turn your idea into a reality.


Prior to the first call for proposals of 2022, HAC/SIGHT are sharing the project management process that has been developed and continually improved over the years to reduce risk and increase impact. Potential applicants should note the two-stage evaluation process as well as the involvement of the IEEE Office of Insurance and Risk Management (ORIMS) and IEEE Legal.

HAC|SIGHT Project Management Process


Form an IEEE SIGHT Group

Now is a great time of the year to form an IEEE SIGHT Group - Groups consist of at least six IEEE members who come together to learn about sustainable development, build relationships within their local communities, and implement projects that utilize technology to tackle key problems within the community. Groups should be formed within an existing IEEE OU (such as a Section or Student Branch, for example). For information on why SIGHT Groups are unique, visit the SIGHT website. Ready to fill out a petition form? The steps on how to do so are in the SIGHT Group Toolkit.


Important Dates & Upcoming Virtual Events

Visit the HAC/SIGHT calendar for more humanitarian technology events and activities (all virtual for now).



Your donation of any amount to the IEEE SIGHT fund of the IEEE Foundation will help form the IEEE sustainable development leaders of the future and incubate projects that support IEEE’s mission of advancing technology for the benefit of humanity in communities around the globe.

Become a SIGHT Member

Add SIGHT to your IEEE Membership - it’s free and open to non-members as well. Benefits include the monthly newsletter, first notice of HAC/SIGHT funding opportunities, and increased connectivity with the Committees, staff, and volunteer network.

SIGHT Membership

Join a SIGHT Group

SIGHT groups partner with communities and local organizations to work together on sustainable development projects - find your closest group! If a SIGHT group does not exist in your area, visit the SIGHT Toolkit to learn how to create a new one.

Join a Group

HAC/SIGHT Education Resources

See the free HAC/SIGHT resources on the IEEE Learning Network (ILN) and SIGHT website to equip participants with a basic understanding of humanitarian technology and sustainable development topics.


Connect With Us

Please let us know what you would like to read about in upcoming HAC/SIGHT newsletters. Send your suggestions and ideas to [email protected].

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