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The aim of the special section is to provide a timely opportunity for researchers, practicing engineers, and other stakeholders to share their latest discoveries related to the application of advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to electric machines.


Outstanding nominations for 2022 society awards are to be sent by April 1, 2022.

  • Dr.-Ing. Eugene Mittelmann Achievement Award
  • Anthony J. Hornfeck Service Awards
  • IEEE J. David Irwin Early Career Award
  • IEEE Bimal Bose Award for Industrial Electronics Applications in Energy Systems
  • IEEE Rudolf Chope Research & Development Award

Please send application to [email protected], with copy to [email protected]. Click "Read More" for a full description of awards and nomination forms.



Since IECON 2017 in Beijing, the leader of the Women in IES initiative, Prof. Lucia Lo Bello, has been organizing and chairing Women in IES Forum and Technical Workshops at all the major IES conferences. Learn about initiatives that aim to foster the women's involvement in scientific and technical activities.


New Conference Dates: The 23rd IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT) will take place 22-25 August 2022 in Shanghai, China and in hybrid mode.


IES Resource Center offers valuable and free of charge content to our Society members. Watch more than 70 videos from conferences talks, webinars, tutorials, IES DL program, as if you were there! And it’s accessible from any location, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The ES-TC aims at providing an open, multi-disciplinary and dynamic environment to foster the aggregation and collaboration among experts from academy and industry interested in testing, modeling, managing, and deploying energy storage systems. The main focus is on rechargeable batteries and super-capacitors, but attention is also drawn to other innovative energy storage technologies. An important goal of the ES-TC is the dissemination of up-to-date research achievements and new ideas related to the topics of interest for the TC (link to the topic page). On these topics, the ES-TC promotes the organization of special sessions on IEEE-IES Transactions and Conferences, as well as tutorials and workshops.



This paper re-envisioned the plug into a gapped magnetic coupling for applications where safety is paramount or MV training is not requisite for general users (e.g. data centers, electric vehicle charging, and harsh environments). This novel magnetic plug guarantees safe operation and connection through galvanic and physical separation from the MV side.



By Pedro Neto and Mohammad Safeea (University of Coimbra, Portugal) – 8 December 2021

Robots sharing common workspaces and tasks need to safely interact, collaborate and learn with humans. This talk presents reinforcement learning and sim-to-real approach as a step towards building autonomous robot – learning with a higher-level understanding of the world and avoiding collisions in unstructured environments.


By Jiabin Wang and Antonio Griffo (University of Sheffield, UK) – 14 December 2021

In this talk, the effects of impulse and high frequency pulse width modulation (PWM) voltages produced by fast-switching power electronic converters on voltage distributions in machine winding and insulation systems are analyzed and characterized. Lifetime test results under partial discharges caused by high voltage slew rate is also highlighted.

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