Society Brief - September 2022

2023 IEEE EDS Robert Bosch Micro and Nano Electro Mechanical Systems Award

Call for Nominations

The Robert Bosch Micro and Nano Electro Mechanical Systems Award, named after Robert Bosch, was established by the IEEE Electron Devices Society in 2014 to recognize and honor advances in the invention, design, and/or fabrication of micro- or nano-electromechanical systems and/or devices.  

Society Governance

Call for Nominations -
EDS Board of Governors Members-at-Large

EDS is a volunteer-led, volunteer-driven Society. Our governing bodies and committees oversee all aspects of the Society's myriad activities, and require the talents and perspectives of people with different personal, cultural, and disciplinary backgrounds.

Nominations for Members-at-Large are now being accepted. Society members who are elected serve a three-year term.

Get involved today!

Nominations due 15 October 2022.  


EDS Strategic Planning

As you may know, the Strategic Planning Workshop was completed in June and I am very pleased to announce that it successfully completed its charter. There is now a Strategic Plan proposal which will be presented to the EDS Board of Governors and Forum for adoption. The Plan has five major components. In this article I would like to share the first three components with you. The Mission and Vision are the ones with which you are familiar. They have been on EDS website for quite some time. The Workshop delegates affirmed these with no major changes.

To foster professional growth of its members by satisfying their needs for easy access to and exchange of technical information, publishing, education, and technical recognition while enhancing public visibility in the field of Electron Devices.

Promoting excellence in the field of electron devices for the benefit of humanity.

The third component consists of five adjectives which describe the EDS Core Values. It was proposed by the EDS Executive Committee and adopted by the delegates. They articulate the human values of the Society as lived today and endure but which are distinct from what it aspires to be. They describe what anyone should expect who interacts with us and when we interact with each other.

Core Values
> trustworthy.....we are honest and transparent; we keep our word
> respectful.......we are civil, courteous and polite in our actions and discourse
> inclusive.........we seek full engagement from all members; we exclude no one; there are no ranks
> ethical.............we do nothing to harm individuals or the environment; we follow the law
> open................we listen to new ideas; we are aware of and adapt to change

The Strategic Plan is a dynamic plan which thrives when all members live its core values and participate in the realization of its vision and mission. Your role in this is vital. That is why I am calling on you to exemplify our core values in your professional life and to engage in a dialog with us about what the Society can do for you and what you can do to make our vision and mission come to life.

We need your feedback. You are the important ingredient for making this successful. Please go to: You can log on with your IEEE credentials or simply register as a Collabratec user at no cost. Do it today.

Doug Verret
Strategic Directions Committee Vice President

Women in Electron Devices (WiEDS)

Our Society has a vibrant community of women and men using their diverse talents to innovate for the benefit of humanity. To mentor, encourage, and acknowledge women's achievements in the electron device technical field, the WiEDS committee plans many events throughout the year at IEEE conferences sponsored by EDS. Upcoming events held in collaboration with our IEEE sister Societies will be held in Milan, Italy and Bangalore, India.

Education Programs

Did you know?

The EDS Distinguished Lecturer / Mini-Colloquia (DL-MQ) Program is accepting nominations. The nominees need to be effective communicators in their areas of expertise. EDS encourages diversity and inclusion in all dimensions including gender, geographic, technical, and professional affiliation. Nominations for EDS Distinguished Lecturers can only be submitted by members of the EDS Board of Governors. Nominations are due by 30 September 2022.

Currently, there is a need for engineering professionals who specialize in:
Ø Quantum information processing/Quantum computing
Ø Neuromorphic/Brain-inspired computing
Ø Heterogenous integration
Ø Bioelectronics Human/Machine interface
Ø Materials for Devices
Ø Flexible Electronics and Displays
Ø Next generation RF Devices

For detailed information about the EDS DL program, click here.

Consider joining our team! Reach out to members of the EDS BoG to request your nomination.


New Podcast - Professor Sanjay Banerjee, University of Texas at Austin 

Professor Banerjee (IEEE Fellow), is active in the areas of beyond CMOS nanoelectronic transistors based on 2D materials and spintronics, fabrication and modeling of advanced MOSFETs, and solar cells.

Society News

Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Transistor

During 2022 and 2023, EDS members are celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Transistor by organizing activities at IEEE Society Chapters around the world. We've asked them to share photos and videos of these occasions.


Call for Papers - IEEE JxCDC Special Topic on Spintronic Devices for Energy Efficient Computing

Prospective authors are invited to submit works on various aspects of spintronic devices. The target date to publish this special issue is December 2022. Topics of Interest include but are not limited to:

1. Spintronic physics and theory for energy-efficient operation
2. Design, synthesis, and characterization of spintronic materials for energy-efficient operation
3. Design, modeling, fabrication and testing of energy-efficient spintronic devices
4. Design, benchmarking, building-up and testing of energy-efficient spintronic circuits
5. Design, benchmarking, integration and testing of energy-efficient spintronic systems
6. Architecture-level design for energy-efficient spintronic devices and systems
7. New applications of energy-efficient spintronic devices and systems
8. Algorithms and hardware co-design for energy-efficient spintronic systems

Submission deadline is 5 September 2022!

Young Professionals
Join the IEEE Young Professionals and Women in Engineering Mentoring Event!

Connect with SSCS and EDS Society executives and luminaries in the field! Lunch will be provided, as well as fun giveaways!

This is an in-person event at the IEEE 52nd European Solid-State Device Research Conference/IEEE 48th European Solid-State Circuits Conference (ESSDERC/ESSCIRC), in Milan, Italy. Mentoring Event Date: 20 September 2022, at Università degli Studi di MILANO - BICOCCA

Sponsors: IEEE Electron Devices Society and IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society


  • Introductions
  • Ice Breaker Activity
  • Open Networking and Mentoring Session  
Chapter News

Celebrate IEEE Day - 2 October 2022

Start planning your IEEE Chapter's 2022 IEEE Day celebration. Events can be in person, virtual or a combination of both, and not limited to technical events. Participate in the Photo and Video Contests!

Visit the IEEE Day 2022 webpage for event planning materials, special offers and contest information.

IEEE Resources
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