Society Brief - May 2022
Society Governance

Message from EDS President

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Strategic Planning Workshop will go forward as previously communicated with appropriate protocols for the safety of the attendees. It will take place on 10-11 June, followed by EDS Board of Governors meeting on 12 June of this year. These events are in conjunction with the 2022 IEEE Symposium on VLSI Technology and Circuits. Since my last communication on this subject the EDS Executive Committee has articulated a set of core values which is intended to explain who we are. Our members are trustworthy, respectful, inclusive, ethical and open. Further, we have requested that the Workshop deliver six Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to be reviewed semi-annually by the Board of Governors. These are intended to measure how well we are progressing in achieving our strategic goals and realizing our vision for 2032.

Invitations have been extended to over thirty EDS leaders who will serve as delegates to the Workshop. In addition, all IEEE members are invited to attend as observers. Non-delegate travel to the Workshop is not reimbursable by EDS due to budget constraints. All observers will need to register for this event.

- Ravi Todi, EDS President


Welcome to the new IEEE EDS President-Elect

Join us in giving a warm welcome to our new President-Elect, Bin Zhao, IEEE Fellow. After serving as President-Elect for two years, Bin will assume the position of EDS President for a two-year term. As an elected member of the EDS Executive Committee, he will contribute to the Society's strategic vision and long-term planning, oversee its finances and operations, propose new initiatives and policy changes.

A long-time volunteer for IEEE and EDS, Bin has led many committees. In addition to his new position, he serves as the Chair of IEEE Conference Committee, a member of the IEEE Technical Activities Board, the IEEE Publications Services and Products Board, and the IEEE Internet of Things Activities Board.


Congratulations to the IEEE EDS Region 9 Outstanding Student Paper Award Winner!

Congratulations to Sebastian Pazos and co-authors of the winning paper "Reliability-Aware Design Space Exploration for Fully Integrated RF CMOS PA"

Read the winning paper in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library

Chapter News
EDS Chapter Events Provide Opportunities to Students
The annual Student Symposium on Electron Devices and Solid-State Circuits was held online by the IEEE ED/SSC Hong Kong Chapter, the Department of Applied Physics at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University of Hong Kong. The Symposium serves as a platform for undergraduate and graduate students from universities in Hong Kong and mainland China to present their research results and exchange ideas with peers and senior researchers in the community.

Learn more about the IEEE ED/SSC Hong Kong Chapter:


STEM Education Outreach Focuses on Renewable Energy

More than 30 Costa Rican university students from various engineering domains attended an IEEE EDS funded STEM summer school. Program activities were organized by EDS members of the IEEE ED Costa Rica Section Chapter and the ED Student Chapter at Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica.

The collaboration of well known corporations and distinguished lecturers was developed to bring students together with specialists who introduced concepts, opportunities and projects in fields related to electronic devices for renewable energy production. The attendees gained access to conferences, workshops, technical labs and renewable energy facilities. It is hoped these experiences will generate the student's interest to develop the skills needed to find innovative green energy solutions.


"You Say You Want a Revolution: The Lasting Impact of Bardeen and Holonyak"

The bipolar junction transistor and light emitting diode are two innovations that have made a profound impact on the world. Professors John Bardeen and Nick Holonyak Jr., the respective inventors of these technologies, have also made a lasting impact on ECE ILLINOIS, where they spent the majority of their careers. This talk by Professor Dallessase reviews the men and their impact - both local and global - and also looks at some of the current work that ties their contributions together.

Free Online Lecture: 75 Years of Transistor and Its Impact on Humanity

Free Online Lecture: 75 Years of Transistor and Its Impact on Humanity, presented by IEEE EDS Distinguished Lecturer, MK Radhakrishnan.

Event is scheduled for 2 June 2022.

To Register, please email the event organizer ([email protected]).

Special Invitation to all members of IEEE Women in Engineering

As IEEE Women in Engineering commemorates its 25th anniversary, the IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS) joins in the celebration with a special offer for IEEE WIE members.

ECE students contemplating careers in the electronics industry, and experienced engineers can benefit from the IEEE EDS community to gain access to rewarding professional and personal opportunities.

Log into your IEEE account and add Electron Devices for only US$1.00 with promotion code EDSWIE2022.


Read the latest technical brief in the April 2022 issue of the EDS Newsletter, by D. Scott Holmes. He is an IEEE Senior Member and Chair of the Cryogenic Electronics and Quantum Information Processing (CEQIP) International Focus Team (IFT) for the International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS).

Abstract: For superconductor electronics to meet the needs expected for applications such as quantum computing or large-scale digital computing, significant improvements will be required, especially in circuit density and complexity. Key to improvement are innovations in superconductor devices and logic families. Technology roadmaps are under development to provide goals and timelines.

Inaugural Issue of the IEEE Journal on Flexible Electronics

IEEE is pleased to announce the publication of the inaugural issue of IEEE Journal on Flexible Electronics.

IEEE J-FLEX is an exciting journal covering research in the broad area of flexible and printed electronics and sensors and systems on flexible, disposable, stretchable and degradable substrates. A joint publication of IEEE Sensors Council, IEEE Electron Devices Society and IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, the journal provides authors a convenient and efficient process to communicate their multidisciplinary research results to the vibrant global flexible electronics community.

Read a selection of papers designated as Open Access in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

EDS Podcast with Professor Evelyn Hu of Harvard University

Check out the IEEE EDS Luminaries Podcast with Dr. Evelyn Hu of Harvard University. Learn more about her extraordinary expertise!

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