October 2020

About the IEEE Education Society Newsletter:
The IEEE Education Society (EdSoc) Newsletter aims to provide members with relevant time-sensitive announcements and news.
About the IEEE Education Society
The IEEE Education Society was founded in 1957 and is one of the oldest technical Societies in IEEE. It is a worldwide Society of professionals dedicated to ensuring high-quality education in science and engineering. Our members engage students each day, research and propose new theories in learning science, and innovate classroom practice. We welcome your contributions to our community and hope you can benefit from the dialog the society helps to foster.
President's Message

I grew up on a very large farm. My dad started showing me how to repair mechanical and electrical things at age 8 or 9. I was fascinated by tractors, combines, augers, and automated feeding systems. My dad progressively gave me more responsibility as I aged through my teenage years. I operated as the second-in-command of the farm and helped determine what tasks needed to be completed each day to keep it operational and successful. My interest in engineering and science started on that farm. The machines helped make work easier and I was always tinkering with something. With this background, you might be asking why I didn't go into mechanical engineering. Well, that's an interesting story. I went to a very small high school with only 14 people in my graduating class. The teachers cared deeply about us and provided a solid foundation in math, science, history, civics, and the arts. By the early 1980s, my high school had acquired a couple of Apple IIe computers... Continue Reading

IEEE Education Society New Website

In August 2020 the IEEE Education Society launched a new website. This new mobile responsive website reflects the Society's updated branding, including the new logo and color scheme, as well as an overall content and design update.

We invite all of our members to bookmark this new website, as it will serve as the main information hub for the Society. If you haven’t visited our new site, we encourage you to check it out.

2020 IEEE Education Society Awards Update
The selection of Society award recipients follows a timeline of nomination and evaluation deadlines from April through October. The Society will not be hosting a virtual Awards Program at FIE 2020. Best practices across other societies are showing that attendance at virtual awards banquets are tending toward sparse participation, with most societies choosing to delay their in-person recognitions to future years. IEEE Education Society award winners for 2020 will receive their instruments by mail and will be invited to attend the next in-person FIE to receive in-person recognition. All annual award winners are also prominently featured in a Society newsletter, on the Society webpage, and through social media.

We would like to congratulate the 2020 awardees that have been announced. We truly value your membership and the contributions you have made to the Education Society and the field of engineering education. Visit the 2020 Awards Page to learn more about this year’s awardees.
IEEE William E. Sayle Award for Achievement in Education
Barbara Oakley, Oakland University
For visionary outreach in making STEM education more attainable for millions of students worldwide.

IEEE Education Society Distinguished Member Award
Victor K. Schutz  
For outstanding long-term leadership, dedication, and service to the IEEE Education Society and for significant contributions to the fields of interest to the IEEE.

Edwin C. Jones, Jr. Meritorious Service Award
Oscar Bonastre, Miguel Hernández University  
For promoting pioneering contributions and high-level activities for the members of the IEEE Education Society.

Mac Van Valkenburg Early Career Teaching Award
Geoffrey Herman, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign   
For his dedication to teaching, for his expertise in bridging research and practice in engineering education, and for his ability to inspire students and colleagues alike.

IEEE Transactions on Education Theordore E. Batchman Best Paper Award
Concha Batanero, Luis de-Marcos, Jaana Holvikivi, José Ramón Hilera and Salvador Otón,  
"Effects of New Supportive Technologies for Blind and Deaf Engineering Students in Online Learning," in IEEE Transactions on Education, vol. 62, no. 4, pp. 270-277, Nov. 2019.

James (Jim) Sluss    
IEEE Education Society Sr. Past President and Awards Committee Chair
IEEE Education Society as part of the IEEE Division VI: A Time to be Actively Horizontal
The IEEE Education Society is one of the seven Societies that belong to IEEE Division VI. The other Societies in Division VI include the Industrial Electronics Society, Professional Communications Society, Product Safety Engineering Society, Reliability Society, Social Implications of Technology Society, and Technology and Engineering Management Society. These seven Societies are home to more than 17,000 members, and over 1,700 of these members belong to two or more Division VI Societies ...Continue Reading

The IEEE Education Society and Open Education Resources
Open Educational Resources (OER) provide a strategic opportunity to improve the quality of education as well as facilitate policy dialog, knowledge sharing, and capacity building. One of the fundamental concepts of OER’s is “the ability to freely adapt and reuse existing pieces of knowledge.” Reuse of educational resources by both individuals and organizations could have a significant creative and economic benefit for the educational environment...Continue Reading
CPLP (Community of Portuguese Language Countries) and Education Challenges under the Pandemic Period
The challenges for education discussed in this article have been faced by countries all around the world. From north to south, from west to east, many of our challenges remain the same. These challenges are a daily reality for the countries that belong to the CPLP - Community of Portuguese Language Countries, also known as the Lusophone Commonwealth, which has associated country members in the continents of Europe, Americas, Asia, and Africa. Despite most of its members being from developing countries, the pandemic-related challenges faced by this community seem to be similar to the ones faced world-wide . ..Continue Reading
2020 IEEE James H. Mulligan, Jr. Education Medal Recipient
The IEEE James H. Mulligan, Jr. Education Medal is given for a career of outstanding contributions to education in the fields of interest of IEEE, sponsored by MathWorks, Pearson, and the IEEE Life Members Fund. The 2020 IEEE James H. Mulligan, Jr. Education Medal was presented to Leah H. Jamieson, “For contributions to the promotion, innovation, and inclusivity of engineering education”.

Jamieson is an IEEE Education Society member, an HKN member, and an IEEE Life Fellow ...Continue Reading
Education Society November 2020 Board of Governors Meeting
The IEEE Education Society November 2020 Board of Governors meeting will be held virtually on 5 November 2020 from 7-10 AM EST (UTC -5:00) due to the travel restrictions imposed by COVID-19. As stated in the Society’s governing documents, this meeting is open to all Education Society Members. If you are interested in attending this meeting, please contact [email protected].
Board of Governors Election 
We are happy to announce that the IEEE Education Society Board of Governors election results have been received by the IEEE Election Office.

The four newly-elected Members-at-Large (term 2021-2023) include:
  • Diana Andone
  • Maria Feldgen
  • Tony Maciejewski
  • Karen A. Panetta

The elected candidates will serve their 3-year Board of Governor's term from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2023.

Learn more about the newly-elected IEEE Education Society Members-at-Large.

eLearning Africa Report
Colleagues at eLearning Africa and the EdTech Hub have researched the impact of COVID-19 on education in Africa. They have published a report on their findings which they offer to you for your information. As eLearning Africa CEO Rebecca Stromeyer said, “COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on education at every level all over the world. In many African countries, the experience of the pandemic has been traumatic but not perhaps as apocalyptic as some observers and experts had predicted. There are important lessons for all of us, both in Africa and outside it, in how African countries are dealing with the pandemic and are working to mitigate its effect on their education systems.” Access the report here.
COVID-19 Membership Impact Survey
During the summer, the Society began a research project to monitor how COVID-19 is impacting the delivery of classes within the IEEE fields-of-interest. Using multiple survey techniques, we hope to provide an end-of-the-year snapshot of experiences, best practices, and assessment metrics. The first survey technique was a direct-to-member online questionnaire emailed to each member of the Society on August 21, 2020. A reminder campaign was implemented two weeks later...Continue Reading
IEEE Access and Society PRAC Reviews
Dear Colleagues,

As I write this, we are setting in motion a momentous initiative designed to help take the society publications profile firmly into the 21st century.

You probably already have received correspondence from the IEEE announcing the launch of the IEEE Access Education Section, a venue for open access publication of high-quality scholarship in all areas of interest for our Society ...Continue Reading
New Membership Resources on Society Website
The Education Society has launched its new website and one of its sections is dedicated to Membership. This section is divided into general information and Chapters.

The General Information section shows a brief introduction to the Membership of the Society, describing the benefits and resources offered to members, which include: Publications, Conferences, Chapters, Educational Activities, and the Young Professionals Program (YP). This section also includes information about membership dues and our new downloadable multilingual membership flyers.

The other section is dedicated to our Society’s Chapters. This section explains the importance of Chapters in the general organization of the IEEE, and specifically in the Educational Society, and includes a directory of all Chapters of the Education Society, along with their corresponding chairs and websites, and suggestions on how to create a new Chapter, how to create a Chapter website, the official logo of IEEE Education Society, and additional Chapter resources.

We will continue to add information and resources to this section for our members and chapters. Special attention will be given to the activities developed by our chapters, like the recent cycle of webinars "Immunizing University Teaching”, which was organized by the Spanish Chapter in conjunction with the Association of University Teachers of Computer Science (AENUI). The sessions from this webinar are available (in Spanish) here.

Finally, thanks to Brittian Parkinson and Madison Musselman for their magnificent work in creating this section within the Education Society website.

Martín Llamas Nistal
IEEE Education Society Vice President for Member and Geographic Activities
EDUCON and EDUNINE Best Paper Awards
Among the various objectives and tasks underlying the mission defined for the IEEE Education Society, knowledge sharing, and the support in advancing it, play a fundamental role. In pursuit of such objectives, conferences and similar events are one of the most important paths. The development of networks, the encouragement of a sense of community, the creation of opportunities, and the recognition of merit stand out among the many virtues identified in such events ...Continue Reading
Webinar Opportunities
Educational Career Resources and IEEE Badging & Events

The IEEE Education Society offers a variety of resources to support your educational development and certification. This newsletter describes an on-demand webinar series on Remote Learning from the summer and an upcoming webinar series on research-driven instructional design. All of these resources provide opportunities for IEEE Digital certificates (including CEU and PDH credits).

For information on the educational activities please contact Steve E. Watkins, Vice-President for Educational Activities and Awards ([email protected]).

Engineering Education 2.0 - IEEE Education Society and Education Activities Board

Engineering Education 2.0 is a four-part interactive webinar series designed to equip participants with skills to apply best practices and understanding from current STEM higher-education research literature. The initial session (held on 30 September) reviewed conceptual models for understanding engineering education instruction and explored new teaching approaches and techniques that enhance teaching practice. A second session, on instructional design and assessment, titled "Transformation in Practice: Approaches to Innovative Instructional Design", will be held in late October. The remaining sessions will be scheduled for early 2021. The webinar series is intended for both new and experienced engineering educators.

For more information and access see the IEEE Education Society Educational Activities event page.

Effective Remote Instruction: Reimagining the Engineering Student Experience

A webinar series was held in July to support engineering educations dealing with virtual instruction. These webinars were co-sponsored by IEEE Education Society and IEEE Educational Activities and are available on demand.
Session One: Ditching the Traditional College Lecture in Remote Instruction
Session Two: Making Labs Effective with Remote Instruction
Session Three: Managing Remote Student Teams
Session Four: Student Assessments for Remote Delivery
Session Five: Student and Data Privacy when Offering Remote Instruction

For more information and access see the IEEE Education Society Educational Activities event page.

IEEE Education Society Webinars Page

The IEEE Education Society is proud to promote several online learning opportunities. As an education-based organization, we are pleased to support both Society sponsored webinar series and webinar series hosted by members of our Education Society community.

We have created a webpage specifically designed to help you get the most out of our Society sponsored webinars. We encourage you to visit this page regularly to stay informed on all of the webinar opportunities available.

Click here to visit the Education Society Webinars Page.

Steve E. Watkins
IEEE Education Society Vice President of Educational Activities  
Frontiers in Education 2020, Virtual: Registration Now Open
Registration is still open for FIE 2020, the 50th-Anniversary Edition, with the theme of Education for a Sustainable Future.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced the conference into a virtual format, but the organizers are no less enthusiastic in bringing the Education Society membership the type of high-quality experience we have all come to expect. The online format extends an opportunity to participate to those who might not normally be able to travel internationally for a variety of reasons.

Great effort has been taken to minimize the impact of different time zones on ensuring the sessions are engaging and dynamic. Members are encouraged to preview the preliminary program here.

We hope you will join us for this unique, virtual edition of FIE 2020, where we will share ideas and learn about developments in engineering and computing education.
IEEE Education Society Flagship Conferences
IEEE Frontiers in Education (FIE) Conference 2020

IEEE FIE 2020 will be held as a fully virtual event, from 21-24 October 2020. ASEE and IEEE unite to create an inclusive venue where excellence in research, teaching, and creative activity are valued. FIE brings together a multidisciplinary global community committed to improving scholarship and practice in engineering and computing education.

IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering (TALE) 2020

IEEE TALE 2020 will be held as a fully virtual event on 8-11 December 2020. The target audience of the conference is diverse and includes those working in higher education, Vocational Education and Training (VET), K-12, corporate, government, military, and healthcare sectors.

IEEE World Engineering Education Conference (EDUNINE) 

IEEE EDUNINE 2021 will be held in Guatemala. 

IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON)

IEEE EDUCON 2021 will be held in April 2021, in Vienna, Austria.

IEEE Learning with MOOCS (LWMOOCS) 2021

IEEE LWMOOCS 2021 will take place in Antigua, Guatemala.

IEEE Education Society Publications

The IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies (TLT) covers research on such topics as Innovative online learning systems, Intelligent tutors, Educational software applications and games, and Simulation systems for education and training.

The IEEE Transactions on Education (ToE) publishes significant and original scholarly contributions to education in electrical and electronics engineering, computer engineering, computer science, and other fields within the scope of interest of IEEE.

The IEEE Journal of Latin-American Learning Technologies (IEEE-RITA) focuses on technological applications and research in Education.

Current Publication Issues

Interested in meeting like-minded people in your area? Visit the Chapters page on our website to find an Education Society Chapter near you.