December 2019

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President's Message

Have you ever stopped to reflect on how technology is truly changing the way people access education? Like many of you, I went to university in the era before mobile computing and the explosion of the internet. In that era, paper books and journals in the university library opened the world of knowledge to me. If I close my eyes and think about those years, I can still see the narrow staircases that led up and down the floors of the book stacks in my university library and I can still smell the faint musty odor of aging paper books... Continue Reading

Announcing our New Logo!
Earlier this year we launched our first official IEEE Education Society logo! We believe the new look better matches what we’ve become since 1957: a community of members that engage students each day, research and propose new theories in learning science, and innovate classroom practice. We use traditional paper, pencil, and book techniques supported by the modern technology of the digital age. Our logo combines the traditional with the digital and elevates our brand identity into the twenty-first century.
2019 IEEE Education Society Awards Ceremony
IEEE Education Society was pleased to congratulate the recipients of the 2019 IEEE Education Society Awards at the Society’s Awards Ceremony. The Society is especially proud and happy to honor their outstanding accomplishments and we look forward to their continued involvement and close contact with Education Society. Click here to view the photo album of the IEEE Education Society Awards Ceremony.
Results of the IEEE Education Society Board of Governors Election (Term: 2020-2022)
The following IEEE Education Society members were elected by the general membership as Members-at-Large of the Board of Governors:
  • Mark Lee
  • Jill K. Nelson
  • Rebecca Strachan
  • Rob Reilly
  • Rebecca Strachan
Results of the IEEE Education Society Officer Appointments (Term: 2020-2021)
The Board of Governors elected officers in executive session during the Annual Meeting in October. The appointed officers are listed below:
  • VP Conferences
    • Henrique Santos
  • VP Publications
    • Arnold Pears
  • Secretary
    • Melany Ciampi
IEEE Education Society Flagship Conferences
IEEE World Engineering Education Conference (EDUNINE) 2020

IEEE EDUNINE 2020 will take place 15-18 March 2020 in Bogotá, Colombia.

Visit the EDUNINE website for details on conference organization and author details.

IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON) 2020

IEEE EDUCON 2020 will be organized by the University of Coimbra, University of Porto and Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal. The event will be held on the Polytechnic of Porto - School of Engineering, April 28-30th, 2020. Several pre-conference workshops will be held on 27 April, 2020. EDUCON 2020 will be focused on "Engineering Education for the Future in a Multicultural and Smart World."

IEEE Learning with MOOCS (LWMOOCS) 2020

IEEE LWMOOCS 2020 will take place in Antigua, Guatemala on 30 September - 2 October 2020. Massively open online courses are learning platforms delivering high-quality content to hundreds or thousands of simultaneous users. LWMOOCS 2020 provides academic and industry professionals the opportunity to discuss research into MOOC technologies as well as the practical aspects of creating and offering MOOCs to diverse worldwide audiences.

IEEE Frontiers in Education (FIE) Conference 2020

IEEE FIE 2020 will be held in Uppsala, Sweden, from 21-24 October 2020. ASEE and IEEE unite to create an inclusive venue where excellence in research, teaching, and creative activity are valued. FIE brings together a multidisciplinary global community committed to improving scholarship and practice in engineering and computing education.

IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering (TALE) 2020

IEEE TALE 2020 will be held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in December 2020. The target audience of the conference is diverse and includes those working in higher education, Vocational Education and Training (VET), K-12, corporate, government, military, and healthcare sectors.

IEEE Standard 1876 Working Group Receives the IEEE-SA Emerging Technology Award
The IEEE Education Society’s IEEE Standard 1876 Working Group was recently recognized as the recipient of the IEEE-SA Emerging Technology Award “For the development of IEEE 1876 - 2019 on networked smart learning objects for online laboratories, the first IEEE standard of its kind to recommend and guide its stakeholders for widespread development and use of online laboratories in support of science technology and engineering education.” The IEEE-SA Emerging Technology Award is awarded for the initiation, advancement or progression of a new technology through the IEEE-SA open consensus process. Further information about the award, including a list of past recipients, click here.

IEEE Education Society President, Russ Meier, IEEE Education Society Standards Committee Chair, Hamadou Saliah-Hassane, and IEEE Education Society Standards Committee Vice-Chair Luis Felipe Zapata attended the IEEE Standards Association’s Awards Ceremony on 8 November 2019 at the Hyatt in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA.
IEEE Education Society Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP)
The IEEE Education Society provides professional development resources for conferences, workshops, events, and meetings that are organized by chapters and members of the Society.

The resources include a database of experts within the Education Society who are available to travel for presentations. The listing includes the CV and potential presentation topics for those listed. Also, the Society supports the travel expenses of selected presentations up to US$1000. A Society committee reviews applications for such Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) support with regard to impact and availability of budgeted funds and offers travel support periodically during each year.

The process to apply for DLP funds is shown below:
  • Review the DLP expert listing and contact speakers for availability
  • Submit the online request for DLP support specifying the speaker, the level of travel support, the venue of the event(s), etc
Requests should be made early as the review committee may only meeting quarterly and available funds are limited. The support by the Education Society must be noted and the presentation content, media, and photographs are needed along with follow-up report. The documentation of past events are available at the IEEE Education website.

Members of the Education Society with an interest in the Distinguished Lecturer Program may submit an online application to be included on the DLP experts list. The DLP committee selects experts for the listing and reviews the listing periodically for topics, activity, and availability.

For questions on the Distinguished Lecturer Program please contact Steve E. Watkins, ([email protected]) Vice-President for Educational Activities and Awards.
IEEE Education Society Board of Governors Meetings

Dear Colleagues, 

As the holidays approach, we look back on the past year and can be proud of our achievements. During 2019 our Society Transactions have advanced in international rankings, and Transactions on Education and Transactions on Learning Technologies are internationally recognized as leading venues for publishing original scholarship in all areas of Engineering Education and Learning Technologies... Continue Reading

IEEE Education Society Board of Governors Meetings

October 2019 Meeting

The IEEE Education Society held their Annual October Board of Governors and Strategic Planning Committee Meetings this past June in conjunction with IEEE Frontiers in Education (FIE) Conference, in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Minutes from the Board of Governors meeting can be found on the IEEE Education Society website here.

IEEE Learning Network (ILN) December Discount

End the year learning with discounted courses from the IEEE Learning Network (ILN). ILN has more than 800 courses from across IEEE, all in one place.

Until 3 January, purchase selected courses from ILN Partners at a 30% discount with the code ILNDEC. Please make sure you’re an active IEEE member and have all of the desired products in the cart before entering the promotion code.

CATME is an award-winning suite of web-based tools for forming and managing teams that has been used by more than 1.4 million students worldwide. The Team-Maker tool collects data from students and forms teams based on instructor-specified criteria. The Peer Evaluation tool collects behaviorally anchored feedback from students and includes post-processing that helps identify teams and students experiencing certain kinds of dysfunction. The Rater Practice tool is proven to help students provide more accurate ratings of their peers. The system operates as a non-profit at Purdue University, charging a license fee of students of US$2/year for unlimited use.
IEEE Education Society Publications

The IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies (TLT) covers research on such topics as Innovative online learning systems, Intelligent tutors, Educational software applications and games, and Simulation systems for education and training.

The IEEE Transactions on Education (ToE) publishes significant and original scholarly contributions to education in electrical and electronics engineering, computer engineering, computer science, and other fields within the scope of interest of IEEE.

The IEEE Journal of Latin-American Learning Technologies (IEEE-RITA) focuses on technological applications and research in Education.

Current Publication Issues
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