Required IEEE communication containing sensitive information based on your IEEE position.
Dear Chapter Officer,

We hope that your first month has gone smoothly! Please let us know if you have any questions about the Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE), the valuable resource that helps you excel in your position.
To ensure your unit’s viability and its relevance to both its members and the broader IEEE community, three required reports need to be submitted -- meetings, officers, and financial reports. Once submitted, your Chapter will earn a rebate payment to support its operations, including an additional 10% bonus on the total rebate if the reports are submitted by the third Friday in February! Reporting is one of the key responsibilities of IEEE Officers. Please act in a timely manner and drop us an email if any assistance is needed.
Besides the rebate (and potential bonus), you may support your unit’s activities by requesting various recognition products (such as banners, certificates, officer pins, and plaques).
Did you know that you can find information about your members as well as other Chapters near you on OU Analytics? This is a very valuable tool to all Section and Chapter leaders! Training materials to help you navigate OU Analytics can be found here. Do not hesitate to stay connected and frequently use these resources to make the most out of the IEEE experience for you and your members.
We hope you enjoy the training and make use of the resources!

Costas Stasopoulos
MGA Vice-Chair, Geographic Unit Operations
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For additional Chapter Volunteer Resources such as: 
Information / Training

  • Required Reporting
  • Request Web Hosting
  • Chapter Funding and other information
  • Industry Engagement
  • Leadership Orientation
  • Distinguished Lecturer Programs
  • Membership database (OU Analytics)

Volunteer Recognition

  • Recognition Products
  • How to request a letter to your employer

Referenced Resources
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Ø Communication: [Remote Meetings | eNotice]
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Ø IEEE – World’s largest technical professional organization for the advancement of technology
Ø IEEE Organization Roster –Useful contacts
Ø OU – Organizational Unit (e.g., Region, Section, Chapter, Student Branch, Affinity Group)
Ø MGA – Member and Geographic Activities (Major OU Board of IEEE)
Ø TAB – Technical Activities Board (to which Chapters belong)
Ø CLE – Center for Leadership Excellence (Officer, leadership, and career development training)
Ø VoLT – Volunteer Leadership Training Program
Ø IEEE’s birthday is January 1 (1963, when IRE and AIEE merged)