Required IEEE communication containing sensitive information based on your IEEE position.
Dear Chapter Officer,

Congratulations again on your election! We hope that you are settling into your position smoothly. Were you successful in updating your officers’ data? Please contact us at [email protected] if you experienced any issues.
To get to know your position and the opportunities it represents, the Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE) contains simple, easy-to-use Action Plans that include job descriptions and checklists of tasks to complete during your first 30 days in office, and throughout the year. We strongly encourage you – and all volunteers – to make use of CLE!
Did you know that you may request a letter to be sent to your employer? Signed by the Vice President of Member and Geographic Activities, the letter describes your officer status and expresses appreciation and support of your commitment and service to IEEE!
Best wishes for a successful term,

Costas Stasopoulos
MGA Vice-Chair, Geographic Unit Operations
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  • Required Reporting
  • Request Web Hosting
  • Chapter Funding and other information
  • Industry Engagement
  • Leadership Orientation
  • Distinguished Lecturer Programs
  • Membership database (OU Analytics)

Volunteer Recognition

  • Recognition Products
  • How to request a letter to your employer

Referenced Resources
Ø Help: [Contact Us | Training | Tools | Resources | COVID-19 Hub]
Ø Communication: [Remote Meetings | eNotice]
Ø MGA: [Operations Manual | News | Renew | Form New OU | Discounts]
Ø Regions: [USA: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | Canada: 7 | Africa, Europe, Middle East: 8 | Latin America: 9 | Asia & Pacific: 10]

Ø IEEE – World’s largest technical professional organization for the advancement of technology
Ø IEEE Organization Roster –Useful contacts
Ø OU – Organizational Unit (e.g., Region, Section, Chapter, Student Branch, Affinity Group)
Ø MGA – Member and Geographic Activities (Major OU Board of IEEE)
Ø TAB – Technical Activities Board (to which Chapters belong)
Ø CLE – Center for Leadership Excellence (Officer, leadership, and career development training)
Ø VoLT – Volunteer Leadership Training Program
Ø IEEE’s birthday is January 1 (1963, when IRE and AIEE merged)